Beitrag Sa 28. Dez 2013, 06:28

Why do mame menus change orientation with different titles?

Hello friends:

Thanks for you continued effort with this Mame project.
I have had great success with this build of Mame and hi score support is great.

I do have one question that is chewing away at my mind.
In the following two pictures you will see two games launched on my vertical cabinet.
Can some one please explain how or why the mame menus are in a different orientation for these two titles.

photo 1.JPG

photo 2.JPG

Windows XP is completely rotated 90 degrees with no problem. The MameUIHIScore GUI is also running in a vertical fashion with no problem. The only things that seems to be problematic for me are the mame menus once a title is launched. I was under the impression these menus were a "global item" set the same for any title that was launched.

Any clues greatly appreciated.